Reformer Pilates Classes

Stansted, Essex


Reformer Pilates

A revolutionary concept in the world of health and fitness, originally devised and utilised in order to prevent injury and aid rehabilitation. Reformer Pilates uses body weight and resistance spring tensions to perform specific exercises, helping to build a secure structure for the body. It has developed further over the years becoming the go-to fitness tool in helping to create and build strength and stability in body and mind.

Reformer Pilates is fundamental in improving and supporting an individual’s overall functional training, its objective is to create lean, flexible, strong muscle foundations for movements in a safe and secure way. It is a fantastic method to compliment any rehabilitation from injury and to support all sports and fitness development from a young age.


Silver Squirrel

Our goal and ambition at Silver Squirrel is to encourage and deliver a new way of training, one where we look at the functionality of the body and work in unison with an individual’s training methods and needs. Our unique exercise format will provide individuals with a method that can alter the longevity of the body’s muscular structure and support systems, whilst improving its overall performance. It will reinforce your body’s structure and enhance your appearance, transforming how you feel.

At the heart of our exercise sessions is the basic principles of Pilates, we look to integrate as many different exercise and fitness disciplines in order to build a more effective and efficient approach to training. The sessions compliment all sports and fitness training whilst minimising the risk of injury, they enhance posture, strength, stamina and flexibility in all muscle groups to achieve the ultimate result.   

Our unique approach to Reformer teaching is to support an individual’s current training methods, helping their body to become the most efficient it can within that discipline. Our main objective is to understand individual body composition and function, focusing on strengthening stabilising muscles throughout the whole body, enabling the individual to move more effectively and to maximise whole body involvement and effort.

We hope to educate and transform an individual’s body and mind; forming a solid connection, helping to produce better results in all training and everyday functional movement.