Jo Foulser – Founder and Director of Silver Squirrel Ltd

With over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness world, I have developed my passion for helping others. I hold many qualifications in the industry and continue to build on my knowledge and understanding within the business, bringing a fresh approach to every session.

I hold a 1st class honours BSc Sports Science degree, along with many fitness qualifications. After finishing university, I worked alongside Dame Kelly Holmes, helping her to run and develop fitness programmes for aspiring young athletes in a range of sports. This provided me with an excellent foundation and insight into the developmental stages of fitness and health and the benefits of alternative training methods. This allowed me to expand my knowledge in the importance of correct body movement and structured training to gain effective results. I have worked in health clubs and gyms managing and teaching various fitness methods, all with the same goal of helping others. More recently I embarked on my teaching career, educating college and university students in Sports Science, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and experience which further sparked my ambition to reach more individuals, helping them to discover the benefits of functional training in everyday life.

I have taught Reformer Pilates for 7 years working with many different clients; from children, adults, sports stars and celebrities, all presenting with very different training goals, providing me with a fantastic opportunity to learn and build on my knowledge of controlled movement and effective training. The client’s goals ranged from sports rehabilitation to sports development, aiding chronic and acute injury, helping to support and maintain their fitness and health journey.

Through my own fitness training and background, I bring a unique twist to reformer teaching, I incorporate a range of exercises that help the body to function better in everyday life and I endeavour to compliment as many different fitness and sports training disciplines as is possible. My Reformer Pilates technique is extremely adaptable to any sport and lifestyle and therefore is why I gain effective long-term results from all my clients.

Silver Squirrel

Dare to be different

We believe that having a strong core is crucial to the practice of Pilates and whilst most basic exercises develop this characteristic, our Reformer Pilates sessions help build higher levels of core stability, allowing for more advanced strength and movement.

At Silver Squirrel we believe that having a strong centre provides the body with the necessary foundation for your relationship with movement and optimal alignment. We are passionate about control and being able to manage the body when stationary and while moving, this is essential for all musculoskeletal health which is necessary for the body to be healthier in a wider sense of the term. Teaching and practising correct patterns of movement in a structured and deliberate manner is how control of the body is created and this in turn provides the required foundation for a stronger, healthier and more functional you.